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THE GERALD PETER PROJECT has released a music video for his cinematic progressive single 'Enigma' in May 2019 featuring award-winning soundtrack vocalist Julie Elven (singer for the game soundtracks of Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft) as well as versatile drummer Aaron Thier.

Premiered by 'The Prog Report' in June, 2019

"'Enigma' is the cinematic progressive rock outfit that has been making quite the big slash recently. You can close your eyes and imagine an epic futuristic battle as you listen to the song." -
"A melodic powerhouse anthem [...] paints a dream of steady flowing neon lights, crisp characters, and mystery steeped in shadow [...] 'Enigma' is truly a work of art that you must experience to comprehend." -

Gerald Peter gave some interviews after the release of Enigma, you can read the interviews here.

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EP 'Incremental Changes, Pt. 1' by
The Gerald Peter Project

Gerald Peter takes the listener on a musical journey through six thematic 'movements', transcending genre boundaries with elements of prog rock, cinematic, jazz and electronic music. The entire music was released as digital EP as well as conceptual performance videos which shows both musicians, Gerald Peter and drummer Aaron Thier, with Gerald's MIDI-reactive visuals.

“deep, lyrical, high melodically […] bombastic dimensions and dramatic pathos […] full of surprises, mood changes, dynamics and themes” - Babyblaue Seiten, Volkmar Mantel
“[…] some incredible beautiful music. Best described as progressive in an almost ambient aura. Listening to this you get transported into deep space.” -, Anders Ekdahl
“[…] offering instrumental rock-progressive with great purity through symphonic and lyrical developments.” -, Philippe Thirionet
“It’s awesome music” - Jordan Rudess, Dream Theater

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Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms

by 'Circle of Illusion'

„A Prog Rock Opera for the 21st Century“ composed and produced by Gerald Peter

Gerald worked 8 years on realising his dream, composing, producing the sophisticated progressive rock opera concept album 'Jeremias, ...' and founding the band 'Circle of Illusion' to perform and record it with.

„[...] this is a true masterpiece that perfectly blends different musical styles [...]“ Henri Strik –

Gerald started writing the music for the album 'Jeremias' in 2006 and formed 'Circle of Illusion' in 2011 with 7 further excellent musicians including Rupert Träxler on guitar, Stephan Först on bass, Aaron Thier on drums and Ulrike Müllner on the electric violin and himself on keys. Taris Brown, Cara Cole and Elgar Shafran provided the vocals for the voices of the prog opera’s Jeremy, Jelena and Sarah.

„An incredibly rare masterpiece of prog-rock music“ "2013 ′s biggest surprise - Mitkadem, Progressive in Hebrew"

Circle of Illusion released 'Jeremias' in 2013 via Generation Prog Records. The fantasty story around Jeremias deals with the ambivalence of human emotion and is written down in a 36 page booklet. Hence the borders between various progressive influences of the rock/metal genre, the jazz-funk-soul and the cinematic music get blurred. 

„I was stunned! [...] a great chunk of bombastic theatricals blended with excellent music [...] highly recommended. Progradar,"

„For me this is a true masterpiece that perfectly blends different musical styles into something new [...]“ Henri Strik –"


Chameleon Lab Explosion

by 'Inspirational Corner'


Inspirational Corner, formed in 2010 by Gerald Peter, is a crossover fusion band, where funky grooves, jazzy melodies and powerful rock riffs are combined to create a refreshing mix of styles. The bands line-up features Guitar-Virtuoso MICKYLEE, Gerald Peter on keys and Julian Pieber on drums and Thomas Hierzberger on bass as well as several special guests on vocals.

"The name 'Chameleon Lab Explosion' hits the point, always changing colors fusing with crazy sounds [...] almost one hour of pure musical energy!" -

"An album you can have fun with for a long time [...] there are so many things to discover, you need to listen to several times [...] a mixture of several styles performed with dedication and passion." - Legacy

Keyboard, Synth and Piano Player

Gerald Peter was performing as a showband musician for Cirque du Soleil - VOLTA and is a former ROLI Seaboard specialist. Gerald also appeared as a keyboardist in a variety of live performances e.g. with his own bands, Circle of Illusion and Inspirational Corner. Gerald has not studied music at a conservatory, instead, his drive for music was always inspired by his favourite artists. He attended private lessons from various classical and jazz pianists for several years starting at the age of 10.

Read Interviews with Gerald Peter

In his early 20s, he also attended a variety of music workshops including Berklee’s Umbria Jazz Clinics and Hollywood Music Workshop in Vienna, with Harry Potter soundtrack orchestrator Conrad Pope. He is a featured artist for the music companies Audio Modeling, moForte. Gerald is also featured at the 'featured artist' page on the website of Jordan Rudess (virtuoso keyboardist, 'Dream Theater', president of 'Wizdom Music'). In 2019, he performed with 'The Gerald Peter Project' at the NAMM show in California in 2019 with special guest Camille Bigeaut on drums at the Hilton NAMM performance stage. In the video playlist below you can view this and many other live performance and demonstration videos of Gerald.

Performing with orchestral sounds

Gerald always pursues innovative and creative ways of making music. He is passionate about film music and orchestral textures. On this video playlist you can get a sense of how he acts as a "one man orchestra" with the use of multi-layer orchestral sounds mapped to different keyboard splits and expressive midi controllers. You can also find two tutorial videos of how to set up an orchestral live preset at the end of this playlist.

Performing with the ROLI Seaboard

As a former official ROLI product specialist Gerald held seaboard workshops at music exhibitions in over 8 countries across Europe and North America, including Music Messe, SuperBooth in Germany and the NAMM Show in California. The seaboard is an innovative instrument, which allows creative ways of expression for keyboard players. This video playlist shows Gerald's seaboard playing and its expressivity in a variety of genres. In the end of this video playlist you can also watch a few of Gerald's live seaboard workshop videos.

Performing for Cirque du Soleil

Gerald was touring and performing for the Cirque du Soleil show 'VOLTA' in 2017 as a keyboardist for the live band. He attented also the creation of the show in Montreal at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters, where the show was produced. The live band worked closely together with Anthony Gonzales from M-83 who composed and produced the music for the show. Gerald had his own seaboard synth solo spot, at which he used a modified version of the seaboard, a 'Seaboard-Keytar'.

Performing with the iOS instrument GeoShred

GeoShred, developed by moForte, is an expressive musical instrument with a multi-touch performance surface, coupled with an advanced physical model of a guitar. Gerald is a featured artist for moForte and performed at the Guthman Instrument competition at the Georgia Tech School of Music in 2019, where the instrument Geoshred won the 2nd place. You can watch some of Gerald's GeoShred performance videos on this video playlist.

Film music by Gerald Peter

Gerald Peter is not only the composer for all his creative projects with Circle of Illusion, Inspirational Corner and 'The Gerald Peter Project', he composes music for film and media as well. He attented several film music competitions and the film music workshop with Hollywood orchestrator/composer Conrad Pope. Furthermore he was ranked in the top 12 composers at the international ‘CINE Film Scoring Competition’ in 2014, at which he created a score for the short animation movie "Sebastian's Voodoo". You can watch his film music show reel and film music demonstrations, he created for several film scoring competitions and workshops on this video playlist below.

Music for Media

Composing, Songwriting and Producing

Gerald also writes songs, composes and produces music on request in any desired genre. Here are some examples of media music and songs, Gerald composed and produced in different styles and moods.

Song "Whirl" (Aygyul on Vocals) | Style: Cinematic Pop | Mood: Energetic, Dramatic

Song "Take me if you dare" (Aretha Shallow on Vocals) | Style: Cinematic Pop Ballad | Mood: Sentimental, Optimistic

Style Mix: Pop, Electronic, Rock & Film Music | Mood: Cheerful, Theatrical, Powerful, Exciting

Style: Electronic | Mood: Dreamy, Driving, Explosive, Positive

Style: Electronic, Disco, Funk | Mood: Smooth, Driving, Shimmering, Sparkling, Lively

Style Mix: Dubstep, Metal, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop | Mood: Changing, Mixed, Colorful, Explosive, Smooth vs. Manic

Style: Orchestral, Cinematic, Rock | Mood: Epic, Dramatic, Dreamy, Energetic, Enigmatic, Theatrical

Style: Orchestral, Film Music | Mood: Dramatic, Epic, Thrilling, Heroic

Style: Piano Music, Neoclassical, Cinematic | Mood: Positive, Hopeful, Optimistic

Style: Neoclassical, Piano, Cinematic, Ambient | Mood: Mellow, Melancholic, Hopeful, Thoughtful

Style: Orchestral, Film Music | Mood: Playful, Silly, Cartoonish, Mystical, Spooky

Style: Neoclassical, Piano, Cinematic, Ambient | Mood: Mellow, Melancholic, Hopeful, Sentimental, Reflective

Style: Ambient Electronic, Soundscape | Mood: Futuristic, Hypnotic, Spacey, Airy

Style: Neoclassical, Piano, Cinematic, Ambient | Mood: Serious, Melancholic, Mellow, Regretful, Reflective

MIDI-Reactive Visuals

Gerald is enthusiastic about technology and computer graphics and holds a Masters Degree in Multimedia and Software Development. Back in 2009 he coded, together with S. Zapotocky, a real-time MIDI visualiser program called '' , which was also used by Jordan Rudess on stage during his Dream Theater concerts. In his latest music project video project and EP 'Incremental Changes, Pt. 1' he incorporated his own MIDI reactive visuals, which he coded himself with the programming language Java and a framework called 'Processing', visualising real-time MIDI data both from keyboard and seaboard. You can view his MIDI-reactive visual solo concert on this video playlist as well as a "" demonstration video.


GERALD PETER is a viennese keyboardist, seaboard player, producer, composer and technology enthusiast. In 2017, he was on tour with 'Cirque du Soleil', 'VOLTA' as a show band keyboardist. In 2015 and 2016 he has been a ROLI seaboard product specialist and demonstrator. He has also previously released albums with his bands 'Circle of Illusion' and 'Inspirational Corner' and his solo project 'The Gerald Peter Project'. Gerald also contributed compositions for the ambient piano album "Heartfelt" by Jordan Rudess.

Gerald Peter had not studied music at a conservatory, instead, he attented private lessons from various classical and jazz pianists for several years starting at the age of 10. In his early 20s, he collected a lot of local pop-, funk-, rock- and jazz-band experience as a keyboardist. He also attended a variety of music workshops including Berklee’s Umbria Jazz Clinics and Hollywood Music Workshop in Vienna, with Hollywood composer / orchestrator Conrad Pope. Gerald is enthusiastic about technology and computer graphics and holds a Masters Degree in Multimedia and Software Development.

He raised public awareness in the progressive rock scene back in 2013 with the concept album 'Jeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms' by his 8-piece band 'Circle of Illusion'. On this album, he played keyboards, composed and produced the music. The composition he submitted for the 2014 international ‘CINE Film Scoring Competition’ was ranked in the top 12. In 2015, he released his debut album 'Chameleon Lab Explosion' along with his 4-piece band 'Inspirational Corner', at which they experimented with the fusion of several styles like jazz, funk, pop, prog rock and electronic elements. In 2016, he performed seaboard demonstrations for ROLI in over 8 countries, e.g. at the NAMM show in the US, at the Musikmesse and SuperBooth in Germany, and at many other workshops and exhibitions. In 2017 he started touring with the 'Cirque Du Soleil' show 'VOLTA'.

In 2017 he also released his latest EP 'Incremental Changes - Pt. 1', which is the first of a trilogy where he combines all his passions, not only composing, producing and performing music, but creating the video and MIDI reactive visuals that respond to all notes being played. His latest single 'Enigma' was released in June 2019 and is also featured on his upcoming album 'Incremental Changes, Pt. 2' featuring award winning soundtrack vocalist Julie Elven and Aaron Thier on drums. In 2019 he was performing live with 'The Gerald Peter Project' and special guest Camille Bigeaut on drums at the NAMM show in California. Gerald also contributed three tracks for the ambient piano album "Heartfelt" by Jordan Rudess, who is best known as the virtuoso keyboard player for the Grammy nominated progressive metal band Dream Theater.

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